Exploring Transformation: Ketamine-Assisted Therapy Process Group


Our therapy group offers a unique and supportive environment for individuals who are
undergoing ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) to explore their inner transformation and
healing journey. This group is designed to complement the individual KAP experience by
providing a space for participants to process their insights, emotions, and experiences in a
supportive community of peers.

Group Structure

The group will be facilitated by licensed mental health professionals experienced in ketamine-
assisted therapy and group facilitation. The sessions will be held in a safe and confidential
setting, fostering an atmosphere of trust and openness. The group will typically meet weekly
allowing participants to establish a consistent rhythm for their therapeutic journey.

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Group Goals

  • Integration: Participants will have the opportunity to integrate their ketamine experiences into
    their daily lives, gaining insights and understanding through group discussion and reflection.
  • Emotional Support: The group will provide a supportive space for individuals to process
    difficult emotions, fears, and breakthroughs that may arise during their ketamine sessions.
  • Community Connection: Participants will benefit from connecting with others who are also
    undergoing ketamine-assisted therapy, providing a sense of community and understanding.

Group Activities

  • Group discussions: Participants will have the opportunity to share their experiences, insights,
    and challenges related to their ketamine sessions.
  • Guided reflections: Facilitators will lead reflective exercises to help participants explore their
    emotions, beliefs, and behaviors in the context of their KAP experiences.
  • Education and resources: The group will provide educational materials and resources to help
    participants better understand the process of ketamine-assisted therapy and its potential impact.

Participant Requirements

Participants must be actively engaged in individual ketamine-assisted psychotherapy with a
licensed provider. Additionally, they should be willing to actively participate in group discussions
and respect the confidentiality and privacy of other group members.

Benefits of the Group

  • Enhanced integration of ketamine experiences into daily life
  • Emotional support and validation from peers
  • Shared insights and learning from others’ experiences
  • Increased sense of community and connection

Our ketamine-assisted psychotherapy process group offers a valuable opportunity for
individuals to deepen their healing journey in a supportive and understanding community.
Through shared experiences, reflection, and support, participants can enhance the transformative potential of their ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and foster personal growth and resilience.